Sunday, March 28, 2010

Swine flu vaccination programme

My 2 year old daughter just got her swine flu vaccination last Friday 26th of march 2010 this is due to the Government vaccination program in which children among the ages of six months and five years should get vaccinated for swine flu (H1N1). According to the NHS, this age group was identified as the next priority group for the vaccine because they are more likely to be hospitalized if they fall ill with swine flu. They also have a high rates of admission to critical care and sadly, there have also been some deaths. At first I was hesitant to have her immunized with this H1N1 vaccine, because of the I feared for the side effects it may cause on my childs health and I thought that the flu has long gone as I have not heard any news of it on television, but I then realized that it she might as well just have it in case of another swine flu outbreak. I was surprised that she did not cry when she got the injection on her arm and as of my main concern of this vaccine having a side effect on my child, it did not happen, my daughter has not had any side effects or what so ever.

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