Saturday, March 13, 2010

Toddler tantrums

Based on children studies, tantrums may start at around 18 months and mostly common on 2 yrs old, and once a child can talk more, tantrums often lessens. Most reason is that around this age children often want to express themselves more than they are able. They feel frustrated when an adult could not understand them and then this frustration comes out as tantrum. The best thing to do is try to ask the child and make her or him repeat the word until you get what he or she is trying to tell you. When a child starts shouting at you, do not shout back, you have to look into your child’s eyes and in a calm voice tone, tell your child to calm down, then ask again what he or she wants. For younger children the reasons are mostly feeling tired or hungry, or sometimes maybe jealousy or attention. When tantrum is starting, try to find an instant distractions like looking out of the window. What I usually do with my 2 year old when she starts her tantrum and very upset, I usually hold her quite firmly, until the tantrum passes, then talk to her in a calm voice. This really helps!

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