Sunday, April 4, 2010

Do babies know their reflection?

Many wonder if babies know their reflection on a mirror as they always react on their reflection. Well, according to Charles Darwin on one of his books, a baby does not know their reflection until they turn 2 yrs old. They tend to react on it by smiling or staring because they think it is another baby in front. I saw a television program last year conducting baby studies and they did this test that you can also try if your baby knows his or her reflection. They call it “The lipstick test”; first they put a lipstick mark on the forehead of a 1 year old and put the baby in front of a big mirror. The baby was sitting in front of the mirror smiling and touch the mirror, then crawled to the side of it and then look at the back of the mirror, seems that the baby was thinking it is another baby in front, because at the end of the mirror, the reflection just disappear, so the baby look at the back of the mirror trying to find that one she saw awhile ago. The next test was a 2 yr old, first they secretly put a lipstick mark on the forehead of the 2yr old, then face the toddler in the mirror, the toddler looking at his reflection, he then touch his forehead with the lipstick mark on, so that means he know it is his reflection. I did try the lipstick test when my little girl was about 18 months old, and she was not aware of the lipstick, she just keeps smiling at the mirror and then looks at the back of the mirror. Now that she is 2 yrs old, she definitely knows her reflection!

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