Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Getting a baby backpack carrier

There are things to consider when you plan to get a backpack carrier for your baby:

1. Baby’s age – follow the manufacturer’s guide as most of this baby or child backpack carrier has a label that says you should only put your baby inside a backpack carrier when the baby can sit-up without any support, or when your baby turns 6 months.
2. Safety – you should check if the baby carrier has no sharp edges that could hurt your child, or small parts that could be swallowed.
3. Quality standards - Buy a baby or child carrier that has passed quality approval and carry your counties safety standards.

My baby loves backpack carrier as she would just sleep the whole time in it whiles me and my husband goes hiking. However the first backpack carrier we bought for her got recalled by the manufacturer due to safety issues. We got fully refunded but we have actually used it for a while before they recall the item and sad to say we did not have any clue that it is actually a danger to our baby’s health. It was said that the rain cover could actually suffocate the baby, and the little knots are not safe as they could be easily taken off and swallowed by a child. I guess me and my husband was lucky that nothing happens to our baby during those times we used the said backpack carrier. So from then we make sure that we only buy quality approved items for my little one.

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