Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mom’s summer fashion advice

As a mother, I always make sure that everything is child friendly and that includes choosing the appropriate clothes and right accessories for me. Fashion could sometime be difficult; as I have to make sure I do not wear clothes that have a lot of beads, strings and sharp colourful decor that might harm my child when I am holding her. You see most toddlers and babies would just take and swallow little bits and pieces that they can grab onto. Babies are also known to have sensitive skin, so I also make sure that my clothes does not have any metal decor attached on. Aside from this, most mothers also worry about the postnatal body figure, but hey, everything can be sorted out, not that you have to go onto liposuction but you can get some things that could add up a bit of a curve but getting the right clothes that matches your body figure. Most mothers are usually curvy and they call it as hour glass figure. So if you have this figure, you would definitely look great in that emphasize your waist line. A wrap dress would be ideal or just enhance your dress with a big belt. Long blouse with big belt would also look great with denim skirt. There are so many things you can do to look fabulous this summer, and by mixing and matching you clothing’s, you do not need to get a loads of clothes filing in your closet. Try to get soft fabric clothes as these are ideal for the summer and also good when you are holding your baby. Well, this is my mom’s summer fashion advice, but if you have any other ideas that you think would be great, go for it and prove to everyone that mom’s are great in fashion!

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