Thursday, May 27, 2010

Choosing the right baby car seat

For new parents choosing the right car seat would be a challenge and installing it is sometimes a nightmare. I and my husband got our baby her first car seat online since it is a lot cheaper than most baby car seats on the high street. I would say we learned our lesson in buying cheap products on the internet. The car seat seems to be durable, it is new and since it is a universal car seat, it should fit any car. But we had a nightmare installing it, there was not enough instruction on the side and the belt seems to be too long that would not make the seat stable. Anyway, we ended up buying from a car shop where we had them installed it. You see, we found out that even if it is a universal car seat, it is not suitable for our car. Car seats are vital to your baby's safety, so make sure you learn about baby car seats, choose the safest car seats for your baby with car seat buying guides and reviews, and find car seat safety advice from your Guide, a certified car seat technician.

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