Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Know my PD / Pupillary distance recent issue

Recently saw this forum about opticians refusing to give a PD or pupillary distance measurement to people coming into their clinic because they say that these customers will just go to an online shop to purchase one and it's sad to know that this is all about money! You see if a customer walks into the clinic to ask for a PD test, some opticians would say no if a that person will not get a package deal, which is compose of $30 to $45 PD test, $50 to help select the right frame, $50 to verify RX, and $65 to fit it. Now I am just wondering, are customers coming into an optical clinic that would just want a PD check really are obliged to get a pair of their eyeglasses? Do we have the freedom to choose as a customer whether we want to purchase one or not?

Based on what I saw on this forum, most opticians are annoyed with these customers, as they all say that once a customer got their PD, they would all go to this certain online eyeglasses shop where they could get it a lot cheaper. I did have a research about this online shop and found that this is now the biggest online eyeglasses retailer and they do sell eyeglasses for as low as $8 that is why they are now the number 1 online eyeglasses store. Now if anyone wishes to get a pair of eyeglasses from this online shop, it was explained there that you need a pupillary distance measurement to ensure a proper eyeglass fitment that is why people would then go to an optician to get a PD measurement.

Anyway, since most of the opticians refuse to give and some charges more for a PD measurement, it’s sad to think that their best interest is not at heart. Now, I do understand that an optician too has to be paid for their services, but it does not mean that they would rip off anyone with their very high consultation fee for just a pupillary distance measurement! If they would only offer a reasonable price of PD test to everyone, it would be a wise marketing strategy of getting more customers as well as helping people in this recession time. Also my advice for people wanting a pupillary distance check is that you could do with some research online for a free eye test or a cheap eye test. Note that some giant supermarkets sometimes offer a free PD measurement check with their opticians without an obligation to purchase from their store and usually they do charge but for a lesser amount only.

The PD or Pupillary Distance, is the distance between the pupils of the eyes, center to center, in Millimeters.

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