Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ladies hunter wellington boots

Just returned from a camping holiday and I was very impressed with my new hunter wellington boots. These lovely pair of boots has actually help a lot with the rainy days and also the most comfortable pair of wellington boots I have ever worn! During me and my family’s 2 weeks camping holiday, the weather was totally unpredictable, it has rained few times and the campsite has turned a bit muddy, so usually I was wearing my wellies and very happy with it.

Anyway, what I love about hunter wellies is that they are very affordable, very comfortable when worn on, looks great and they do not look cheap! I got a lot of compliments wearing this boots due to its lovely colour and since they do really feel very comfortable to wear, I am planning of getting another one and this time I wanted it black! I just think it is handy to have these kinds of boots around, they are ideal for walking on a rainy days, muddy places and even working on barns too!

So, if you are looking forward of buying yourself a pair of wellies, I would recommend that you buy hunter wellies and visit the online shop where I got mine at countryattire.com, they got loads of different colours and styles to choose from with prices ranging from £15 to £139 per boots. Best of all, shipping is totally free of charge!

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