Wednesday, June 16, 2010

MEH social networking

Recently came across this website called My Event Hub or MEH social networking and I think this is very interesting! Wanted to know why? Well, this MyEventHub (MEH) by Fashion designer Bian Variani is a cleaver way of promoting yourself as well as any event you are holding. For instance, if you would like to promote an event of fashion shows, movies, concerts, or your very own gallery you can always use this website to promote it by simply posting a news flash to inform your entire network about the said event and best of all, you can sell your tickets too! Anyway, if you just want to be famous you can also join in for free and in an instant you can upload as many photos you wish, create your very own biography online and tell your friends what you are up to.

Based on what I saw on the website, this has a lot more to offer than the usual networking website. Aside from the usual free emails and unlimited photo uploads, there are also several things you can do with this website like; you can create your own custom profile and brand yourself or your company, you get a virtual online address book, create your event tickets as well as selling it and best of all I have read on the website that this MEH has this brilliant adds on tools and options that would let you create your very own online draws and raffles. Now that is really something you would not want to miss! My event hub is best recommended to promoters, Fashion Designers, Models, the club goers, Photographers, Musicians, Actors, Directors, or if you are into fashion and entertainment, then you are in!

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