Monday, July 12, 2010

Ideas on how to make your baby or child fit

It is also important to keep your child or baby fit, in that way they would be able to sleep better and they are more cheerful and easy going when they have the opportunity to run off some energy. At the same time you will also be helping their muscle development and general fitness. Here are some exercise tips I want to share with you for your baby or child.

• Allow your baby to lie and kick his or her legs.
• Make your floor a safe place for a crawler to move around.
• Make time for your toddler to walk with you rather than using a push chair or a buggy.
• Take toddlers and young children to the park to try climbing and swinging or just that they have a safe space to run.
• Find out what’s on for parents and babies at the local leisure centre.
• Take your baby swimming. They can start at a very young age and there is no need to wait until your child has had her immunization.

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