Sunday, July 18, 2010

The right room temperature for a baby

This is often a new parent’s question, what is the right temperature for a baby? Well, small babies are not very good in controlling their temperature and I was told by my health visitor that it is important to prevent little the little ones from getting too hot as it is from getting too cold. So here is what you should do:

• Check if the room temperature is warm enough for you to be comfortable wearing light clothing (16-20c), then it is the right temperature for your baby.
• Give your baby one light layer of clothing more than what you are wearing, but if the room is too hot for you keep your babies clothes light.
• If your baby sleeps with you on your bed, always check your baby as he or she may get too hot on your duvet.
• Always keep your baby’s head uncovered indoors, unless if it’s very cold, as my health visitor said a baby needs to lose heath from his or her head and face.
• Never use a hot water bottle or an electric blanket, as babies delicate skin could burn up easily or scald.
• An ill or feverish baby doesn’t need any extra bedding. In fact they usually need less, as per advice by health professionals.
• And always remove hats and extra clothing as soon as you come indoors or enter a warm car, train, and busses.

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