Thursday, September 30, 2010

Help your baby or child learn to talk

Here are some very simple yet very effective ways of helping your child/baby learns to talk. These have been around for many years and you might have already heard most of it from your parents as an advice on how to help your baby or child’s speech development. But anyway, here are those tips:

• Start talking to your child right from birth – Say what you are doing about the house, e.g., when unpacking your shopping.

• Start looking at books with your baby from an early age.

• Point things when going for a walk, e.g., There is a bus, the bus is red.

• Have fun singing nursery rhymes and song. Especially those with actions.

• Encourage your child to listen to different sounds.

• Gain your child’s attention when you want to talk together.

• Increase vocabulary by giving choices, e.g., Do you want an apple or banana?

• Give your child opportunities to talk.

• Don’t have the television on as a background noise.

• If your child says something incorrectly, say it back the right way. Do not make your child repeat it.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cheap Designer Scrub Uniform

I have always thought that nurses scrub uniforms are a bit boring as they usually comes in dull blue or white color with no style or whatsoever. My husband is actually a nurse and he hates wearing his scrub uniform, probably the same as most of the nurses all over the world. Well today, good news to all nurses who are looking to buy cheap scrubs with that designer look! I happen to came across this website that sell designer scrub nurse uniforms for a very reasonable price.

What I like about their scrub is that they got more variety when it comes to color and there is a signature tag on the pocket which makes it more attractive. I also love the double stitching details on the pocket of the scrub tops and same as the pocket on the pants. It is very elegant! Well, my nurse husband agreed that this scrub looks really good for a very reasonable price, so his thinking of getting one for himself.

If interested, and you want to have a glance on their wide range of scrubs, please feel free to visit the website of the designer scrub clothing and see for yourself what you should have been wearing years ago.

How to brush a baby's or child’s teeth

I have done this with my little one and the best way to brush a baby's teeth- is to sit him or her on your knee with the head resting against your chest. Put a small pea size tooth paste on your baby’s toothbrush and start to brush her or his teeth in a circular motion very gently. He or she might not like it, and you do not have to worry if you have not brush it properly as the idea is just to get your baby use of brushing and to make it a part of her or his daily routine. You can also clean your baby’s teeth by wrapping a piece of damp gauze with a tiny amount of fluoride toothpaste on it over your finger, this is ideal if your baby has not got any teeth or if the teeth are just starting to come out.

For an older child- stand behind and tilt his or her head upwards. Brush the teeth gently in a circular motion covering all the surfaces and let your child spit tooth paste out afterwards. It is important to rinse with water after brushing as it would reduce the benefit of fluoride.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Best auto repair shop for Toyota corolla

If you are looking for the finest mechanics and the best auto repair shop for Toyota Corolla around Chicago, then I would recommend that you check out this website where you can get all the list of the best mechanic on the Chicago area. What I like about this website is that it has all the list of the top rated Chicago auto repair shop with its star ratings and feedbacks from customers, so you will have an idea of what to expect based on the services that the repair shop is offering and also know their specialties. Basically, this is like a directory listing for auto repair shop and you will see the usual name of the shop, telephone numbers, and addresses. Which I would say is very handy as you can just call in whichever repair shop you want for enquiries.

This website also has some very useful information’s that you might want to read before contacting a repair shop. It has its very own useful auto repair encyclopaedia! You can read more about faults, symptoms, and replacements of a certain faulty car parts like failed water pump problems. Well, there is no harm in learning and exploring your knowledge about car problems and practices. So when you visit this website, you got 2 in 1! You got the best auto repair shop listings and at the same time you will also learn something about your car problem.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Toddlers drawing on walls

From the age of 18 months you might notice that your child is starting to have an interest in drawing and would sometimes pick up a pen or pencil and write anything on a piece of paper, wall, floors, furniture’s, and even on curtains. Well, drawing is normal for toddlers as this is part of their brain and muscle development. However it is not good to just let your child write or draw everywhere, so here are some things you can do in order to prevent your child from drawing on walls, floors furniture’s, and curtains.

• Get involve with your child’s activity, you can use old envelopes slit open and the inside of cereal packets for paper and show your child that he or she can use this for drawing.

• Make drawing a bit fun by using crayons, felt tips, or powder paint. Add a washing up liquid and water to the powder paint for a thicker paint.

• Always explain to your little one that it is not good to write on walls, furniture’s, floors, and curtains and that he or she is always welcome to ask for a piece of paper to draw onto.

• You can buy a cheap drawing pad with a nice cover picture but as much as possible, try to recycle by using old cardboards, notebooks, and even junk mails with an empty back page.

• Lastly draw with your little one and make it a sort of learning as well as playing.

Pictures here were drawn by Chloe at the age of 2 years and 6 months.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

All around stainless steel cleaner

This is probably what every household should have and as a full time mum and homemaker who do all the cleaning, I would recommend this product because cleaning has never been easier for me. I hate grease on my kitchen appliance as it would take time to take it off with just a damp cloth and a smear of dish washing liquid. However this product does it in seconds and leaves a dry and polished look in an instant. I would say it is brilliant for restoring a dry and dull kitchen steel appliances like ovens, oven hoods, refrigerators, dishwashers and stainless steel cookware. I also use this in cleaning the bathroom stainless steels, like the shower, bath and sink tops. So basically you can use this in cleaning most of the household stainless steel, that is why I would say this is an all around stainless steel cleaner .