Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cheap Designer Scrub Uniform

I have always thought that nurses scrub uniforms are a bit boring as they usually comes in dull blue or white color with no style or whatsoever. My husband is actually a nurse and he hates wearing his scrub uniform, probably the same as most of the nurses all over the world. Well today, good news to all nurses who are looking to buy cheap scrubs with that designer look! I happen to came across this website that sell designer scrub nurse uniforms for a very reasonable price.

What I like about their scrub is that they got more variety when it comes to color and there is a signature tag on the pocket which makes it more attractive. I also love the double stitching details on the pocket of the scrub tops and same as the pocket on the pants. It is very elegant! Well, my nurse husband agreed that this scrub looks really good for a very reasonable price, so his thinking of getting one for himself.

If interested, and you want to have a glance on their wide range of scrubs, please feel free to visit the website of the designer scrub clothing and see for yourself what you should have been wearing years ago.

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