Thursday, September 30, 2010

Help your baby or child learn to talk

Here are some very simple yet very effective ways of helping your child/baby learns to talk. These have been around for many years and you might have already heard most of it from your parents as an advice on how to help your baby or child’s speech development. But anyway, here are those tips:

• Start talking to your child right from birth – Say what you are doing about the house, e.g., when unpacking your shopping.

• Start looking at books with your baby from an early age.

• Point things when going for a walk, e.g., There is a bus, the bus is red.

• Have fun singing nursery rhymes and song. Especially those with actions.

• Encourage your child to listen to different sounds.

• Gain your child’s attention when you want to talk together.

• Increase vocabulary by giving choices, e.g., Do you want an apple or banana?

• Give your child opportunities to talk.

• Don’t have the television on as a background noise.

• If your child says something incorrectly, say it back the right way. Do not make your child repeat it.

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