Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How to brush a baby's or child’s teeth

I have done this with my little one and the best way to brush a baby's teeth- is to sit him or her on your knee with the head resting against your chest. Put a small pea size tooth paste on your baby’s toothbrush and start to brush her or his teeth in a circular motion very gently. He or she might not like it, and you do not have to worry if you have not brush it properly as the idea is just to get your baby use of brushing and to make it a part of her or his daily routine. You can also clean your baby’s teeth by wrapping a piece of damp gauze with a tiny amount of fluoride toothpaste on it over your finger, this is ideal if your baby has not got any teeth or if the teeth are just starting to come out.

For an older child- stand behind and tilt his or her head upwards. Brush the teeth gently in a circular motion covering all the surfaces and let your child spit tooth paste out afterwards. It is important to rinse with water after brushing as it would reduce the benefit of fluoride.

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