Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Teaching children about strangers

The dangers of strangers! This is what a parent often worries about, the possibilities that their child will be abducted or murdered by a stranger. Although this is a rare occurrence compared to a traffic accident, it is also sensible to teach your child about the following:

• Never go with anyone (even someone they know well) without telling the grown-up who is looking after them.

• If somebody they don’t know tries to take them away, it is ok to scream and kick.

• Tell your children always to tell you, if they have been approached by someone they don’t know.

• Make sure your child knows what to do if she or he got lost.

• In a crowded place, it’s safest to stand still and wait to be found.


• Tell a police officer

• Go to a shop and tell someone behind the counter

• Tell someone who has children with them.

Also, teach your child his or her home address and phone number or the phone numbers of some other responsible person.

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