Sunday, January 16, 2011

To avoid the dangers of drowning in children

Since drowning is one of the risks any children could face, it is very important that parents and guardians should have some basic information with regards to the dangers of drowning.

• Bath time- Never leave a baby or young children under 4 alone in the bath for a moment, If the phone or a door bell rings, you should take your child with you, or let it ring.

• Garden pond- Never leave your child alone near water specially if your garden pond is not covered or has no fence.

• Children who can swim are safer, but it is still no guarantee of safety. So you should still keep a close watch when your children are near water.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Cheapest eyeglasses found in Zenni Optical

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Protecting your child from dangers of household electricity

Every parent should be aware about the danger of household electricity with young children around. So here are 3 questions you should keep in mind when it comes to electricity:

• Are your electric sockets covered by heavy furniture’s or safety covers when not in use?

• Have you repaired all worn flexes?

• Are you careful not to plug too many appliances into one socket?

Simple and common questions, but this could save your child’s life!

New released scrub uniforms

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