Friday, January 14, 2011

Cheapest eyeglasses found in Zenni Optical

Cheap, stylish and quality product is what everybody is looking for when it comes to eyeglasses and I know exactly where you can get it! Yes, cheap indeed, as you can avail such lovely eyeglasses from just $6.95 a pair, which includes an anti scratch coating, thin and light 1.5 index lens, full UV protection, protective case and microfiber cleaning cloth. An unbelievable price only found at the number 1 online eyeglasses retailer store called Zenni optical. Now, you might be wondering why and how could they sell it that cheap? Well, the answer is that Zenni brings these products direct from factories in China to the buyer and they do not pay for expensive advertising on their products. So that means they don't add on retail overhead, middlemen pay, and advertising expenses to their prices which are commonly seen in other brands. Since these are really cheap eyeglasses, you might be wondering if these are good enough when it comes to quality and durability. Well I have read a review which I would like to share with you, a review from a local New York writer named Eric Hammer with regards to his experience in using this eyeglass. He was very pleased with this product that he even wrote it in an article of it in the, where you can get the best source of information of different topics. Anyway, Zenni does sell quality eyeglasses at very low price, which is why they are still the running number 1 eyeglasses retailer online.

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