Monday, February 28, 2011

Knowing when your child is ill

Sometimes it is difficult for us parents to tell whenever a child is ill. Children maybe listless, hot, miserable one minute, and then running around happily the next! So here are some signs to watch out for when your child is ill:

• Some signs of illness like vomiting, high temperature, cough, runny nose, and runny eyes.
• Unusual behavior, like crying a lot, being very irritable, being listless or drowsy.

Possible signs of illness are always more worrying if your child is a baby or very small. If your child is older and you are unsure whether or not to see a doctor, you might want to carry on normally for a while and see if the signs of illness or pain continues. Above all, trust your feelings. You know your child better than anyone and what he or she is like in day to day basis, so you will know if there is something usual.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Helping your child develop in general

Physical, emotional, social, as well as intellectual developments are all essential in children’s development and it is up to parents like you and me to help them speed it up or develop it into a positive way. Like all parents I wanted my child to raise her IQ as well as getting her involved in some activities, so aside from going to school and play groups, I had also got her an ilchi lee book called power brain kids. The book and its exercises are actually suitable for children ages 6 to 12 years as they are old enough to follow basic steps and instructions given by the book. I have read it and enjoyed the contents however my little girl is too young for this so I have given it to my sister who has a 7 year old daughter.

Like most of ilchi lee this one will help motivate the brain through stretching and exercise program. The book has pictures and easy to follow instructions of exercises and the benefits your child will achieve by doing so. The concept of the book is to help parents help their children in gaining a high self esteem, better memory and established connection between the mind and body. Anyway, my sister was delighted with the book and her daughter have enjoyed the exercises, in fact she had made the second part of the ilchi lee book her early morning exercise routine.

Friday, February 25, 2011

New mums first few weeks

Here are some few advices for new mums as I knew how hard it is after giving birth. This will help you cope up with the first few weeks after giving birth.

• Make your baby your first task and try not to worry about anything else.
• Ask for help from your partner, mother or friends. Ask advice from someone with small babies or someone who has children as they know what it’s like.
• Do not be shy, accept help and suggest to people what they can do like cook a meal and bring it round, do the washing up, and do bits of shopping when you run out.
• Sleep whenever your baby allows you to.
• Practise some relaxation technique.
• Keep a good supply of nutritious snacks like fruits, milk and wholemeal bread which you can eat without cooking.
• See friends when you want and when you’re tired ask them to come back later when you are ready.

Based on my experience this period is hard, but it just last for a short period of time.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

USA Online Casino Directory

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The top online casino list is a sort of comparison website wherein all the best online casino games are listed and rank according to customers votes, plus you can vote in too. What I have noticed is that for every online casino listed, you will also see some details about that particular online casino and its reviews. Aside from that, they also got some recommendation of what games is best played on that casino and what to expect.

So if you want to play poker, blackjack, roulette, slots, craps, or even video poker, you can trust that this website will lead you to the right table! There are top 10 online casinos recommendations for every game mentioned above, so it is best for you to check it out and see for yourself which online casino is best for you.

The dangers of choking and suffocation on children

As a parent I think our children’s safety should come first before anything else, so I have written here some very important safety reminders of preventing accidents on choking and suffocation on children. We all know that choking and suffocation can cause death as it could block the airway and prevent oxygen from getting to the lungs and the brain. So you should take extra precautions to insure that your child or baby is safe. Now I might have miss some as it is impossible to write all the dangers of choking and suffocation but thinking about some of these should start you from thinking about others.

• Store small objects away from babies and small children as they might put them in their mouths.

• Get rid of ribbons and strings that might, either in play or by accident get around a child’s neck.

• Keep peanuts away from children in our house, as they often cause choking.

• Store polythene bags out of children’s reach.

Choosing bullion as an investment

Many people choose bullion as a way of investment for one very good reason and that is that gold hold its value for long terms. So that mean during the tough global crises, your bullion will still hold its price especially when it is in a pristine condition. Now where could you get one? You can buy gold bullion from anywhere online worldwide, however it is always best to buy bullion from a trusted and experienced gold bullion dealer so you will surely get a real gold bullion and not the fake ones.

You can get it from a trusted dealer like Aurum Advisors which has a very good track record when it comes to price, quality of gold and reliability. In fact their company has been featured in national media’s like News Week, CNBC, International Business Times, Forbes, Reuters, Market Watch and many more. Remember there are loads of fakes out there, especially online so you have to be very careful in buying. Gold Bullion's are excellent investments, so chose wisely! Now, if you do not want to hold coin bullion's, but still want to invest in gold, then gold IRA is the perfect investment for you.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Babies start talking

Babies can start talking as early as 8 months; they may repeat the word you say or the usual mama and dada. My little girl started to respond to her name and say the word dada and bee (mommy) at exactly 12 months. By the age of 2, she can put at least 2 words together and can point parts of the body. Can perfectly say the word mommy although some words are pronounced incorrectly, but I could still understand her. Now that she is 3 years old, she talks well, can sing, and chant rhymes.

Not all babies/children are the same, some learns early and some late but if you’re worried about your child’s language development, it is always best to talk to your Doctor, as a Doctor may help to get your child referred to a speech and language therapist.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Your guide to sports betting

Wonder where and how to get the best of the best in on-line betting? Well here is a website that gives a thorough guide in everything you need about sports betting, from the best sports book and its reviews, sports articles, players guide and sports betting tips and tricks all in one website. The list of sports books found on this website is excellent, rank from the most voted to the lowest in places from 1 to 10. Aside from that, you will also find reviews of and bonuses offered by each sport betting sports books.

So, if you are a Basketball, football, hockey, baseball or a soccer fan, here is your chance to bet on your favorite team! As I have said previously, this website does give a lot of information; in fact for every sport mentioned above, they got 3 recommended sports books for you to choose on. Wish you the best of luck!

Smacking, effects and alternative way of discipline

I have just read a book about smacking and how it would affect a child’s mental and emotional state. To give you a summary of what I read on the book, smacking may stop a child at that moment from doing whatever he or she is doing, but it is unlikely to have a lasting effect. Children lean most by examples, so if you hit your child, your actually are telling your child that hitting is reasonable behaviour and research found out that children who are treated aggressively by their parents are more likely to be aggressive themselves and they usually take out their angry feelings on others who are smaller and weaker than they are. Anyway, I think as a parent it is better to teach our children by example that hitting people is wrong. There are some other ways you could try as a way of discipline like:

• Time Out – removing a child from a situation instigating inappropriate behaviour for a set number of minutes. Often an explanation and/or apology are required before a Time Out can end.
• The Naughty Step – requiring a child to sit on a particular step (or rug, or mat, etc.) while they reflect on their inappropriate behaviour. Again, an explanation and/or apology are often required before the child is allowed off of the Naughty Step.
• Grounding – prohibiting a child from attending particular social events or from engaging in particular activities. This technique may also incorporate particular tasks or chores which must be carried out instead and are designed to teach children appropriate behaviour.
• Taking Away Privileges – prohibiting a child from taking advantage of certain privileges (usually those that they have earlier abused with inappropriate behaviour). Privileges are usually restored when a child can prove, through his/her behaviour that he or she understands and appreciates them.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Low Cost Self Storage Across The UK

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