Sunday, February 27, 2011

Helping your child develop in general

Physical, emotional, social, as well as intellectual developments are all essential in children’s development and it is up to parents like you and me to help them speed it up or develop it into a positive way. Like all parents I wanted my child to raise her IQ as well as getting her involved in some activities, so aside from going to school and play groups, I had also got her an ilchi lee book called power brain kids. The book and its exercises are actually suitable for children ages 6 to 12 years as they are old enough to follow basic steps and instructions given by the book. I have read it and enjoyed the contents however my little girl is too young for this so I have given it to my sister who has a 7 year old daughter.

Like most of ilchi lee this one will help motivate the brain through stretching and exercise program. The book has pictures and easy to follow instructions of exercises and the benefits your child will achieve by doing so. The concept of the book is to help parents help their children in gaining a high self esteem, better memory and established connection between the mind and body. Anyway, my sister was delighted with the book and her daughter have enjoyed the exercises, in fact she had made the second part of the ilchi lee book her early morning exercise routine.

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