Monday, February 28, 2011

Knowing when your child is ill

Sometimes it is difficult for us parents to tell whenever a child is ill. Children maybe listless, hot, miserable one minute, and then running around happily the next! So here are some signs to watch out for when your child is ill:

• Some signs of illness like vomiting, high temperature, cough, runny nose, and runny eyes.
• Unusual behavior, like crying a lot, being very irritable, being listless or drowsy.

Possible signs of illness are always more worrying if your child is a baby or very small. If your child is older and you are unsure whether or not to see a doctor, you might want to carry on normally for a while and see if the signs of illness or pain continues. Above all, trust your feelings. You know your child better than anyone and what he or she is like in day to day basis, so you will know if there is something usual.

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