Friday, February 25, 2011

New mums first few weeks

Here are some few advices for new mums as I knew how hard it is after giving birth. This will help you cope up with the first few weeks after giving birth.

• Make your baby your first task and try not to worry about anything else.
• Ask for help from your partner, mother or friends. Ask advice from someone with small babies or someone who has children as they know what it’s like.
• Do not be shy, accept help and suggest to people what they can do like cook a meal and bring it round, do the washing up, and do bits of shopping when you run out.
• Sleep whenever your baby allows you to.
• Practise some relaxation technique.
• Keep a good supply of nutritious snacks like fruits, milk and wholemeal bread which you can eat without cooking.
• See friends when you want and when you’re tired ask them to come back later when you are ready.

Based on my experience this period is hard, but it just last for a short period of time.

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