Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Smacking, effects and alternative way of discipline

I have just read a book about smacking and how it would affect a child’s mental and emotional state. To give you a summary of what I read on the book, smacking may stop a child at that moment from doing whatever he or she is doing, but it is unlikely to have a lasting effect. Children lean most by examples, so if you hit your child, your actually are telling your child that hitting is reasonable behaviour and research found out that children who are treated aggressively by their parents are more likely to be aggressive themselves and they usually take out their angry feelings on others who are smaller and weaker than they are. Anyway, I think as a parent it is better to teach our children by example that hitting people is wrong. There are some other ways you could try as a way of discipline like:

• Time Out – removing a child from a situation instigating inappropriate behaviour for a set number of minutes. Often an explanation and/or apology are required before a Time Out can end.
• The Naughty Step – requiring a child to sit on a particular step (or rug, or mat, etc.) while they reflect on their inappropriate behaviour. Again, an explanation and/or apology are often required before the child is allowed off of the Naughty Step.
• Grounding – prohibiting a child from attending particular social events or from engaging in particular activities. This technique may also incorporate particular tasks or chores which must be carried out instead and are designed to teach children appropriate behaviour.
• Taking Away Privileges – prohibiting a child from taking advantage of certain privileges (usually those that they have earlier abused with inappropriate behaviour). Privileges are usually restored when a child can prove, through his/her behaviour that he or she understands and appreciates them.

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