Thursday, March 31, 2011

To reduce the risk of developing allergy

I have written yesterday a topic about babies and allergies and now, I would like to add more about it. As written on the previous topic, babies are more likely to develop allergies if there is a family history of atopy that is why my little girl used to have eczema due to the fact that I also suffer hay fever. Anyway, I have listed below things you could do that may help reduce the risk of developing this life threatening allergy.

• Breastfeeding mothers who are atopic, or those for whom the father or any sibling of the baby has an allergy, may wish to avoid eating peanut products while breastfeeding.

• Peanuts and foods containing peanuts, such as peanut butter or unrefined or cold pressed groundnut oil, should not be given to babies from atopic or allergies families until they are at least 3 years old.

• Read contents levels carefully to check if you need to avoid the product.

• If there is no allergy or atopy in the immediate family, then there is no for children to avoid peanuts after weaning, as long as they are ground as nut butter or crushed.

• And lastly, do not give whole peanuts or any type of whole nuts to children under five in case of choking.

Wonderslim weight loss for men and woman

I just saw this amazing diet plan called wonder slim and I think this could be a new breakthrough in weight loss. My husband and I have been struggling to lose weight, mainly because we are both busy and a little lazy when it comes to cooking. I am not a great cook and I admit that I usually like to order readymade foods form take away shops and I believe that might also contribute to a lot of weight gain.

Anyway, back to this weight loss I saw online called wonder slim diet plan. I think this product is brilliant for people like me, who as I said have been struggling to lose weight as they got these starter kits that would last several weeks to help you get the right nutrition and calorie intake, that way it would help get your body back into the right shape. The starter kit got all you need from breakfast, lunch, snacks, desserts and many more, so all you have to do is open each box needed for the meal and follow the preparation instructions as some food does require cooking, and then your healthy balance meal is ready to be eaten!

I think this might work for me and I have seen several reviews and videos of people on this diet plan who have lose weight and I find it very inspiring. So, I just got to have this diet plan! And I am also tagging along my husband with this, as they got a starter kit weight loss for men too.

What causes allergies on babies

Babies are more likely to develop allergies if there is a family history of eczema, asthma, hay fever or food allergy.

So what should you do in order to know which food your baby is allergic to?
• You can introduce the common allergic foods like milk, eggs, wheat, peanuts, nuts, seeds fish and shellfish one at a time to your baby, so you can spot any allergic reaction, but do not introduce this into your baby’s diet before 6 months, as I was also told not to by a pediatrician.

Nut Allergies
I have actually read an article a year ago that serious allergies to nuts and nut products and some seeds affect about 1 to 2% of the population. It was also said that in the recent years, peanuts allergy, although still uncommon, appears to be increasing and it is also not yet known why.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby with jaundice

A friend of mine just have a baby with jaundiced which means the baby has a yellow skin and eyes. But since this was noticed when they were still in the hospital, the baby was then given a blood test to check the level of pigment that causes the yellow skin colour. Her baby was then given some treatment and days after the treatment they have been allowed to go home.

Many babies get jaundiced for up to two weeks following birth and some could gets worst in the first few days and would need treatment. So if you are concerned about your baby’s jaundiced, you can talk to a doctor so they can run some test to check your baby’s level of pigment. You may also check your baby’s urine and stools, as babies with jaundiced have persistently yellow or the stools/pooh are pale rather than yellow, even if your baby does not look jaundiced.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tod Seisser and Grok advertising Agency

If you are looking for an advertising agency that would understand your business objectives as well as the value of your products, then you should check out Grok advertising agency. This agency may be small but they are determined in giving its clients the best strategy in promoting their products. In fact, I have personally seen some of Grok’s work through their website and just love how every concept of advertising is done! Their ads are very persuasive in a way that it could easily catch people’s attention which is a very good way of getting more customers.

The thing about Grok advertising agency is that they have an experienced and talented team and one of the highly experienced professionals in the team is Tod Seisser. I have heard about this man and he is brilliant with his job! With his long line experience in arts and advertising this man has already help many establishments, firms or companies succeed on their campaigns, so you are rest assured that you will be given the best there is in advertising. Anyway, if you require more information on Tod Seisser services, feel free to visit the website by clicking the links I have given or simple visit the website at

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Children needs Iron

Iron is essential for your child health as lack of iron leads to anaemia, which can hold back your child’s physical and mental development. Now not everyone knew, but according to health professionals, children who carry on drinking too much milk are most at risk. I have been researching about this as I am a little concern about my daughter’s development and I want to know if she is getting enough iron for her age. I found out that iron comes in two forms. One is found in meat and fish and is easily absorbed by the body. The other is found in plant foods and is not easy for the body to absorb.

Here are the two sources of irons:

Plant sources
• Fortified breakfast cereals
• Dark-green vegetables
• Breads
• Beans, lentils and dhal
• Tofu
• Dried fruit: apricots, figs, prunes

Animal Sources
• Lean beef, lamb or pork
• Chicken or turkey
• Sardines, pilchards, mackerel

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Self catering holiday in Rome

The eternal city as what they call Rome is full of beauty yet it could be costly, so if you are planning for a holiday to Rome, it is very important that you should look around for great deals online to save a bit on your holiday. I have been to Rome last year on a self catering holiday with my husband and stayed on a holiday apartment I found online at one of UK's travel comparison website and just love the place!

The apartment is very spacious, modern, and clean and just minutes away to the city centre where you will find great historic tourist attraction and some shopping areas. Actually there is a lot to see in Rome, and you can get a really good deal on their tours too if you just look around! So I suggest that you start by looking on a Rome travel guide website, this will give you more information on what to see and expect around the magnificent city of Rome.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

To Deal with children’s aggressive behaviour

A child who is aggressive can cause parents a lot of anxiety. Most children occasionally bite or hit someone or push another child. So, if your child is sometimes aggressive, this does not mean that he or she will grow up like this. Toddlers are also curious and may not understand that biting or pulling hair hurts. However, if your child is aggressive he or she needs to understand that this is not applicable. Here are some suggestions I read on a book about children’s aggression and dealing with it:

• Don’t hit, bite or kick back. It makes behaving like that seem all right. You can make it clear that it hurts and you won’t allow it.
• If you’re with other children, say you’ll leave, or ask others to leave, if the behaviour continues – and do it!
• If the behaviour is directed at you at home and your warning is ignored, place your child in another room, where is safe for them to be, for a short period.
• Talk. Children often go through patches of insecurity or upset and let their feelings out by being aggressive. By talking to your child you may be able to help.
• Try to show your child how much you love him or her, even though you don’t love the way he or she is behaving.
• Help your child let his or her feelings out some other way.
• If you are seriously concerned about your child’s behaviour, it is also best to talk to a doctor.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Audio books for Children

Children love stories; in fact telling stories to children has been around for centuries and has been long proven that this also help them develop their language as well as their listening skills. Yes kids listen to learn and I think aside from reading those bedtime stories, it is also worth investing in things that would help them with their brain development and I believe audio books are the perfect thing that would enhance their brain development.

These audio books do not cost a lot, as you can download audio books for as low as £1.59 for a short story and £3.99 for longer stories at This website by the way sells thousands of audio books for all ages; they got the biggest and widest range of audio books selection I have ever seen online, and the cheapest too!

These audio books can now be downloaded to devices like iPhone, iPod, MP3 players, computers, laptops, e-books and some other mobile phones too. But I think if your child is using the said audio book, it would be best to get your child the CD version or you can download as many as you can and install it on a mp3 player and make it his/her story collection of mp3 books. Be a member of digital audio books and from £3.99 you start your audio book download! Check it out now, with their 50,000 audiobooks available to download online, I am sure you will find what you are looking for.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Job vacancies and recruitment in York

If you are looking for a job, your next job or probably want to get a better career, then the best way to look for one around York area is to visit Aside from being an online guide to the lovely City of York, this website has ads from different establishments like restaurant, hotels, online shopping, car ads, to local job vacancies and recruitment around York area.

As one of the booming cities in the UK, York has a lot of good job opportunities in several professions like in the health care department, constructions, sales and marketing and many more. So all you have to do is visit the website and search in their job categories your desired job post and apply for it online. Jobs in York and recruitment agencies are best search locally, so start your search now at your friendly guide to a new career.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Know when children’s cough is serious

When children got a cold they will also cough because of mucus trickling down the back of the throat, same as an adult. So if your child is feeding eating, and breathing normally and there is no wheezing, a cough is not usually to worry about. But when and how would you know if your child’s cough is serious?

• When your child has a bad cough that won’t go away or if continues for a long time.
• If your child has a high temperature and a cough and is breathless as this may indicate infection on the chest.

If your child has these signs, you should see a doctor straight away, as your doctor can then prescribe antibiotics to treat your child if she or he has got infection.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Compare and Buy Web Host- Web Hosting 2011

Typically there are two factors we always check when looking for a web host and that is the price and features offered by the web hosting companies, but with all the hosting services online this is somehow very confusing. So I would say the best way to compare and buy a web host is to go to a web hosting directory like A web host directory like this has the usual list of the top host companies and independent rating and reviews from customers, so making comparisons are easily done in minutes.

Now there is also a lot of web host comparison website, but I would recommend that you check out this first before anywhere else as they got everything you want about web hosting including news and the latest trend in web development to keep you up to date. They also got some very useful information about web hosting that will help you choose which type of web host suits your needs and some handy picked deals that could save you money! After all this is what it’s all about, getting the best deal and the best value for money. Feel free to visit the website and check out the best deal on web hosting in 2011.

Healthy Toddler Snacks

I have a toddler and instead of giving her biscuits or crisps for snacks, I give her a healthier food option. Not only that these foods are good for your child’s mind and body development but these are very practical and economical in a way that these foods are the usual food parent’s like you and me gets from the supermarket.

• Raw vegetables sticks such as carrots and cucumbers.
• Plain yoghurt with a banana sliced onto it.
• A sliced of toast with yeast extract, hummus or a slice of ham.
• Some crackers, bread sticks, or rice cakes with cheese.
• A bowl of cereal with milk, sometimes my little girl would only prefer to eat cereal like sugarpuffs, Chocó or fruit hoops without milk in it for her snacks.
• Or a piece of fruit.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shop for camping equipment at Shop Wiki

This is probably the best time to shop for camping gears and equipment. So, if you are looking of where to get those items? Then, I would recommend that you will try this shopping search engine called shop wiki.

Online shopping has never been a problem with me because using this has made it so easy! I have always been a fan of online shopping as I believe it is the best way to get good deals. However, I find it so time consuming to look for a single item in Google or any other search engines, as I would still go into each shops website to have a look at their prices and then move to another shop to have a look at their prices to make comparisons, and so on. After that I have to remember or take note which one sells the cheapest, and then at long last buy the item. It takes ages to get what I want and thankfully I do not have to do that anymore with Shop Wiki, the best shopping online search engine!

Using shop wiki will enable you to search faster as it would show all the shops that sell the particular item you are looking for, with pictures and prices showed alongside. So if you type in backpack baby carrier, it will then show you the brands of all the baby backpacks carriers sold online with the list of shops selling them and their prices. I often use this for shopping; in fact just recently I got a tent with 2 sleeping bags for a really good bargain by just using this search engine. Try this search engine and get yourself a bargain this time!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Learning while playing

Children learn as they play. In fact the more they play the more they learn! But my little girl finds it hard to play alone and requires a lot of attention from me. As a mother and a home maker, I can’t spend all the time playing with her as I also got other things to do and other people to attend to. I know that she would learn from everything around her, and everything I do, so I have come up with some simple solution that would somehow teach her and make her feel that she is involve in everything I do like:

• When I am washing up the dishes, I make her stand up next to me and wash saucepan lids. When you are doing this with your child, just be careful and make sure there’s no sharp object on the sink that could harm her.
• When cooking, I make sure that she can see me and talk to me as I cook.
• I bought her a little vacuum cleaner so she can do a little pretend cleaning, while I am vacuuming the floor.

These are just a few examples and I am sure you will find more things that you can do with your child. The important thing is that you are making it fun and interesting for your child and you get thing done too.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fast and low cost translation services

Want to translate a document and need it fast? Well, I do recommend that you check out Translia translation services as they have been for a couple of years the number 1 online translation company. They got highly qualified translators available at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and the good thing about this translation service is that they do not charge extra if you need your document fast!

Their prices vary from 3 different translation services which are gold, silver and bronze. So you got to choose which one would best suit your needs, like if you need your translation for informal purposes, I suggest that you choose the bronze as it would save you a lot of money. The 2 services which are gold and silver are the cheapest translation rate online considering of what the offers are and 2 or more qualified translators dealing the translation job.

They got a lot of features and two of my favorites are the real time progress indicator in which you can see the percentage of completion of the project. The next one is that they got this feature where in you can communicate directly with the translator, that way it will save time and prevent hassle if there are sudden changes of words to the documents. Anyway, you are welcome to visit their website to get more information on their services or get an instant quote with no hidden charges. With more than 150 languages including German language, Translia is the best Übersetzungsbüro online!