Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby with jaundice

A friend of mine just have a baby with jaundiced which means the baby has a yellow skin and eyes. But since this was noticed when they were still in the hospital, the baby was then given a blood test to check the level of pigment that causes the yellow skin colour. Her baby was then given some treatment and days after the treatment they have been allowed to go home.

Many babies get jaundiced for up to two weeks following birth and some could gets worst in the first few days and would need treatment. So if you are concerned about your baby’s jaundiced, you can talk to a doctor so they can run some test to check your baby’s level of pigment. You may also check your baby’s urine and stools, as babies with jaundiced have persistently yellow or the stools/pooh are pale rather than yellow, even if your baby does not look jaundiced.

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