Saturday, September 24, 2011

Do I need to put salt on my child's food

Do I need to put salt on my child’s food? I also ask the same question onto my baby’s health visitor and she answered no. There is no need to add salt or sodium chloride to your child’s food because there is enough naturally present in foods. What happens when a child has too much salt intake? When you begin to give salty foods to your child this will then lead to a liking for salty foods and contribute towards high blood pressure in later life.

The FSA suggests babies under six months old should have less than 1 gram of salt a day and those aged seven to 12 months one gram a day. But since salt is already present in our daily food, even in milk, it is so hard to know how much has our child has eaten in a day, so it is just best to avoid it if possible.

Actually, the whole family will benefit if you gradually reduce the amount of salt in your cooking. Also you should keep salt off the table and limit the amount of salty food like crisp, savoury snacks, and some mixes that your child has.

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