Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Learning while playing

Children learn as they play. In fact the more they play the more they learn! But my little girl finds it hard to play alone and requires a lot of attention from me. As a mother and a home maker, I can’t spend all the time playing with her as I also got other things to do and other people to attend to. I know that she would learn from everything around her, and everything I do, so I have come up with some simple solution that would somehow teach her and make her feel that she is involve in everything I do like:

• When I am washing up the dishes, I make her stand up next to me and wash saucepan lids. When you are doing this with your child, just be careful and make sure there’s no sharp object on the sink that could harm her.
• When cooking, I make sure that she can see me and talk to me as I cook.
• I bought her a little vacuum cleaner so she can do a little pretend cleaning, while I am vacuuming the floor.

These are just a few examples and I am sure you will find more things that you can do with your child. The important thing is that you are making it fun and interesting for your child and you get thing done too.

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