Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tips on managing an over active child

A child suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is what they call over active child or hyperactive child. Now hyperactivity may require treatment but here are some very good tips I got from my sister who has a hyper active child. Here are those tips you may try:

• Keep to a daily routine as much as you can. This can be important if your child is restless or difficult and could help you stay calmer and stand up better to the strain.
• Make giving your child time and attention a part of the routine. In different ways your child may be demanding your attention most of the day, if not most of the night as well. Make a certain time each day to give your child all your attention.
• Avoid difficult situation as much as you can. Example, keeping shopping trips short.
• Try to get out every day to a place where your child can run around and really let go.
• Avoid giving your child cola drinks, tea and coffee, as these drinks all contains caffeine.

Now these are just tips in helping you manage your child’s over active behaviour, however if these do not help, I would suggest that you talk to a doctor as your child may require some treatment.

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