Monday, April 25, 2011

Possible side effects of MMR2 vaccine

In connection to my previous post about MMR2 vaccination for toddlers, I would like to add up these possible side effects any toddler could get after having immunized with this MMR2 vaccine. At the clinic, I was told that like all medicines, this M-M-RvaxPro vaccine can cause side effects like fever, injection site redness, injection site pain, injection swelling and few reports of injection site bruising.

According to the nurse who has given this vaccine to my little girl, there are other side effects which have been reported with the use of the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine and these are burning or stinging of short duration at the injection site, joint pain or swelling, rash, and unusual bleeding or bruising under the skin. There were also other less common side effects have been reported and some were serious and this includes allergic reaction, seizures, and inflammation of the brain.

Now, the side effects 1 out of 10 in which children usually gets are the fever, injection site redness, injection site pain and swelling and the rests are very seldom. My little girl was one of those who did not experience any side effect of the said medicine but I was glad I was told that these may occur, as it made me aware and also prepared for the worst situation that could have happened. So if any side effect your child gets that leads to serious, it is best to tell a doctor and seek medical attention.


  1. My daughter had this shot yesterday (she is 4 yrs, 3 months; 44" and 44lbs). This morning her leg (it was an intramuscular thigh injection) hurt her so badly she couldn't walk down the stairs. She is not prone to complaining at all. So I knew it really did hurt her. I suggested we lay down and watch a video. She laid down, then got back up because she had to go to the bathroom. She peed, but couldn't climb back off the toilet, so I came in to help her. As I stood her on the floor, I noticed her lips were gray, and suddenly she started to faint. I grabbed her and laid her on the floor in the hallway. Her head turned to the side and started to jerk, and her eyes rolled back in her head for about 1 second. I asked her loudly, "Are you okay?" and straightened out her body (her legs were still bent under her a little), and by then the mini-seizure (or whatever it was) had passed.

    I got her some orange soda with half water in it (we don't keep juice in the house and I wanted some sugar to get to her quickly) and had her sip it through a straw. Her account of the story: "I had gray eyes and then I fall down." Her temperature is normal now and she's eaten a banana and has more energy now (and is even joking with her big sister). We're going to keep her at home for observation since it's Saturday and I can't take her back to her doctor (and the ERs here aren't necessarily known for being helpful).

  2. she is a sweet and brave girl, bless her. I hope she she'll be 100% ok soon.