Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Understanding children's potty training at night time

I have just potty trained my little girl at daytime but during the night I make sure that she wears a nappy or diaper as I have read on an article that it usually takes a child a little longer to stay dry during the night than staying dry during the day, and the reason for this is that the child cannot respond yet to the sensation of having a full bladder whiles asleep either by waking up and then going to the toilet, or holding until morning. It was said that most children do learn how to do this between the ages of 3 to 5, but it is estimated that a quarter of 3 year old wet the bed at night time and 1 in 6 five year olds wet the bed at night time. They will eventually grow out of it, so for the meantime I put my little girl on a nappy so she will have a good night sleep and so am I.

Criminal record removal in Canada

Having a criminal record does hold you in a lot of things like travel, getting a job, credits, joining in some organizations, agencies and even hold you on pursuing your studies as a criminal background check is usually done when applying for these things and it could either delay or deny your application if you got a criminal record. Even petty crimes from your past such as assault and drunk driving would also be stored in the Canadian Police Information Centre database and could stay there for a lifetime, unless you will do something about it! How? By getting a canadian pardon application from pardon services, like this establishment called the Pardon Services Canada.

Now, why choose this establishment? There are several reasons why I think this Pardon Services Canada is the one you should go for, and that is because of the following:

A. It has a long line experience when it comes to criminal record canada pardon services.

B. The name of the establishment is renowned in Canada. In fact, it has been featured in famous national news papers in Canada for their continuous success in helping people get the pardon they deserve!

C. It offers 100% satisfaction guarantee to remove criminal record from CPIC database.

D. Their rate is cheaper than the others.

Now, there could be a lot more reasons, but these are based on my research and observations on this establishment, compare to several pardon services in Canada. Hope this would help you somehow on your aim to remove your criminal record and I wish you all the best!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Children's Nightmare

My 3 year old woke up around 2 am this morning screaming due to a nightmare. I Think it might be from the film she saw last night, although it was not a horror film, it is still a little scary as it was about 2 siblings who took a safari tour in Africa and got stranded in the wild with some big hungry Lions, waiting for them to come out of the vehicle. The driver of the safari truck got eaten by the lion, and I saw my little girl’s face really got scared when she saw it.

Anyway, this morning I did a little research online about night terrors in children and found out that this normally do not have an importance and that a child usually grows out of them. These nightmares often begin between the ages 18 months and 3 years but these are not usually a sign of disturbance, so there is really nothing to worry about. After a nightmare a child usually need comforting and reassuring, so it might also help to have a little talk about it and give your child a drink of water before he or she goes back to sleep.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cheap made to measure curtain shop in Leeds

If you are looking for cheap designer styled curtains, then I suggest that you check out this shop in 44 Stainburn Road Leeds West Yorkshire called The Carolina Blinds and Curtains. As far as I know they are renowned Curtain Fitters in Leeds and also serving towns surrounding Leeds up to the city of York but you can always call them and ask if they do serve around where you live, just to make sure!

Now, I have not been to this shop yet but I have known somebody who has and she does recommend this shop as far as price, quality and designs of fabric is concerned. She added that she has been to everywhere and that this shop has the widest fabric selection of Curtains in Leeds and cheap when it comes to pricing too! I am also very keen on this as I was also told that they would visit anytime and anywhere at my most convenient time to show some samples and discuss on the details, and best of all they give interior advice to customers for free! This is what I call a brilliant service! So if you also like this kind of service, you may inquire more details at telephone number 0113 393 0800 or visit their shop at the address I have given above.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Blogger’s missing post has been restored

On May 11, 2011 blogger had some technical issues which have resulted to missing blog posts from bloggers all over the world. During that day, I had 3 blog posts missing and two were restored on the 13th of May 2011. On the 14th of May 2011, Blogger’s technical manager Eddie Kessler published an announcement on Blogger Buzz that they are making progress and that on that day they are on the process of restoring comments. Then, I started to worry that my post is lost is totally lost. I had a lot of research online and found some useful information on retrieving old posts like using an RRS feed and Google catch, however, I still could not find that certain post!

I was very unhappy as I cannot remember the entire post and still uncertain if blogger is going to restore it or not. On the next day, the 15th of May 2011, blogger buzz has announced that blogger should be back to normal for the majority and that if some posts are still missing, it might be on the drafts. I check mine, but it was not there! On that same post update from blogger, there was also a form in which anyone with a certain issue can contact blogger’s technical team, so I filed up that form and now the 19th of May 2011 got the post back! They put the post back in the drafts section, so all I did is re-published it back. It was a long frustrating wait, but I am happy that I got the post back.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bedwetting problem with regards to children's toilet training

It was said that bedwetting up to the age of 5 is considered normal and treatment is not usually given. However I have found some helpful things you can do if your 3, 4 or 5 year old wets the bed.
• Try not to get angry or irritated with your child as they too are upset about the whole thing.
• Protect the mattress with a good plastic protective cover.
• Check whether your child is afraid to get up at night, if he or she is, then a night light or potty in the bedroom would help.
• Do not cut back on fluids as bladder tends to adjust and holds less. It is better for your child to drink around 6 or 7 cups of fluids so that his or her bladder would learn to hold a larger capacity. However try to avoid fizzy drinks, citrus juices and drinks with caffeine such as tea, cola and chocolates before going to bed as these was found out that it can stimulate the kidneys to produce more fluids.
• If your child is constipated this also irritate the bladder at night.
Remember most children simply grow out of wetting, so don’t worry too much about it or don’t make a big deal out of it.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Missing Post from Blogger

In connection to all the missing posts from blogger, I have here a link in which Mr. Eddie Kessler the Technical Lead/Manager of Blogger, explained the process of fixing the technical issues which happened recently. Yes, Blogger is now back and currently in the process of restoring some missing posts and comments made from May 11, 2011.

Blogger Buzz: Blogger is back: "Update (5/13 7:46PM PST): Nearly all posts since Wednesday are restored, now bringing back comments from last couple days. We expect the co..."

Thursday, May 12, 2011

High quality and affordable designer scrubs uniform

My husband bought a set of scrubs nursing uniform from http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/ over a year ago and now it still looks great for its age. Durable to the fact that he has worn it a lot and I have washed many times and the stitching has remained intact! He got a couple of scrubs uniform bought from other shops but since he is a bit tough on his uniform, they usually got a rip or a loose thread on some sides. Amazingly this blue sky scrubs has retained its look!

What I like about blue sky scrubs nursing uniform is mainly its durability and designer look! I love the double stitching style on the pocket that makes the scrubs look modern, and would definitely recommend this brand to anyone, especially now that they are offering a 20% off on any purchase from may 6, 2011 to may 12, 2011. So you better hurry to avail their scrubs sets on sale!

What to do with toddler refusing to use the potty

If your child shows no interest in using the potty, do not worry and never get angry at him or her as if your child sees the whole business as a battle of wills with you, it will be much harder. What you can do for the meantime is to take the pressure off, this mean giving up the potty and back to nappies for a while, or just living the wet life and not letting it get to you or your child down. I know how hard it is and very frustrating, but remind yourself that in the end, your child will somehow learn to use the potty. I have been through this, I started potty training my little girl at 2 years old and failed, so I stopped and start again at 3, I have bought 2 little potties and she would not even look at it and when I tried to take off her nappy and let her sit on the potty, she would cry and stand up screaming. So I stopped again and 4 months later, I bought some colorful potty training pants for her and a nice musical potty from fisher price with a reward chart and sticker. I also got a pack of balloons with a little pump to be the reward. So that means, every successful wee or pee on the potty she would get a sticker to place on the chart and a balloon too. Then, explained the whole process to her and surprisingly she responded well! It took a lot of patience and a couple of accidents on her pants as these potty pants really do not hold a lot of urine. Anyway, it took less than a week to get her to use the potty properly all by herself but I would still make her use a nappy every bedtime and when we are out and about.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Your rights to stop debt collector abuse

Most lending firms nowadays would hire these so called debt collector to recover the money owed to them by creditors. So if you owe a lending firm some money, you might be contacted by one of these so called debt collectors. Now, there are a couple of ways on how a debt collector would get in touch with you, they would phone you, write to you, or even visit you at home to talk to you about your debt and the ways of paying it back.

But do you know your rights and as of how far these debt collector goes through in asking you to pay back the money you owe? Well, it might help to let you know that there is a law that eliminates abusive practices in the collection of consumer debt and this law is called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This FDCPA has a written rule on what a debt collector cannot do and those debt collectors and their agencies that have been caught breaching these rules would end with a penalty form the government.

So, what do you do if you found out that a debt collector is breaching the FDCPA rules and violating your rights? You can hire a lawyer or get in touch with creditlaw.com, a law consumer law firm set up to help people being abuse by debt collectors. Getting in touch with creditlaw.com is fast, easy, confidential, and best of all it is free! I know how it feels being harassed by this so called debt collectors as I was once a victim too. I tell you, nobody deserves to be abused by these debt collectors. So take your step now to stop it! You never know, you might also be entitled for compensation due to damages.

What to do when potty training

It is best to start potty training when the weather is warmer, probably around late spring and summer when washing dries better and there are fewer clothes to take off. If your floor is mostly carpet, I would suggest that you buy those potty training pants, to avoid accidents on the carpet. If you have a wooden floor or a tiled floor, then you can make your child use an ordinary knickers/briefs/panties or pants. Here are also some things you can try to make potty training a lot easier.

• Buy a potty in which you think your child is comfortable sitting on it.

• Leave the potty around where your child can see it and get to know what it’s for. If there are other children around, he or she may see them using it and their example would be a great help. Let your child see you using the toilet and explain what you are doing.

• If your child’s regularly open his or her bowels at the same time each day, take off the nappy/ pants and suggest the he or she tries going into potty. If your child is the slightest bit upset by the idea, put the nappy back on and leave it for a few more weeks before trying again.

• As soon as your child sees that your child knows when he or she is going to pee, try the same thing. It usually takes time for a child to get the hang out of it, so be patient. Do not make your child feel worried about the whole thing.

• Your child will be delighted when he or she succeeds and a little phrase from you would make it better still.

• You can use a reward system to encourage your child, like giving a sticker or a balloon every time he or she uses the toilet. This technique actually works with my little girl and I potty trained her in less than 1 week. Honestly, in 3 days your child will learn how to use the potty but you would still get a few accidents like pee on the floor during the 3 days potty training. It takes time and a lot of patience.

Bon Jovi concert tickets at a discounted rate

If you are looking of where to get a concert ticket at a discounted rate, I suggest that you check out this website that sells cheap concert tickets online. This company is called acheapseat.com, has been around since 2007 and has been renowned for giving the cheapest rate of concerts tickets, theater tickets and sporting events online!

I have known this company from my sister who lives in Florida, as she has already purchased a couple of ticket from this website and she said she was amazed of how much she has saved by using this company as she could have paid more from the other websites. She recently got 4 discounted rates Bon Jovi concert tickets which will be held at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida this Sunday the 15th of May 2011 and she has invited me and my partner to go along with them on this event. I am very excited!

Anyway, just to let you know that they also sell cheap Keith Urban Tickets, Kenny Chesney Tickets, Dave Matthews Band Tickets, and Rush concert Tickets, these are actually my favorites, but there are many more famous performer you could find on the website and check out your favorites too! So, if you are interested on these tickets, there are links above you can click on that would take you directly to the website. Good luck!

When to start potty training

I am writing this as I have recently potty trained my little girl. Most parents seems to think about starting potty training around 18-42 months, but based on my experience it is easier to potty train a child at the later stage, probably around 2 ½ to 4 years old. There are a couple of things you try to work out when your child is ready as most children go through three stages in developing bladder control, and these are that:

• They are aware of having a wet or dirty nappy.

• They get to know when they are peeing and may tell you when they are doing it.

• They know when they need to pee in advance.

These 3 stages are very important as this would help a lot in making the potty a big success! I will soon be writing more on potty training and some helpful tips for you to try, so you may check on my blog for some more post later this week.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Right to return an item

People often buy goods and breaks, but sometimes unsure whether it is alright to return a certain item to a shop. Well, if you have the same problem, there is a website where you can check if you have the right to return that certain item under the Sale of Goods Act. This website has help a lot of people as it explains everything about consumers rights, in fact I find it useful myself when I check something about the sale of goods and services act.

You see, recently I have purchased an electrical item from an online shop and it has broken down just before the warranty expires and was unsure whether it is alright to return it, as I did used it a lot. Anyway, I have read there that every purchase of goods usually carries a 12 months warranty under the Sales of Goods Act 1979, so I contacted that shop where I got the item and they exchange it for a new one!

So if you would like to see more information about the Sale of Goods Act or learn more about the sale of goods and services act 1982, you may click on any of the links I have given above or go to whatconsumer.co.uk website.