Thursday, May 12, 2011

High quality and affordable designer scrubs uniform

My husband bought a set of scrubs nursing uniform from over a year ago and now it still looks great for its age. Durable to the fact that he has worn it a lot and I have washed many times and the stitching has remained intact! He got a couple of scrubs uniform bought from other shops but since he is a bit tough on his uniform, they usually got a rip or a loose thread on some sides. Amazingly this blue sky scrubs has retained its look!

What I like about blue sky scrubs nursing uniform is mainly its durability and designer look! I love the double stitching style on the pocket that makes the scrubs look modern, and would definitely recommend this brand to anyone, especially now that they are offering a 20% off on any purchase from may 6, 2011 to may 12, 2011. So you better hurry to avail their scrubs sets on sale!

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