Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What to do when potty training

It is best to start potty training when the weather is warmer, probably around late spring and summer when washing dries better and there are fewer clothes to take off. If your floor is mostly carpet, I would suggest that you buy those potty training pants, to avoid accidents on the carpet. If you have a wooden floor or a tiled floor, then you can make your child use an ordinary knickers/briefs/panties or pants. Here are also some things you can try to make potty training a lot easier.

• Buy a potty in which you think your child is comfortable sitting on it.

• Leave the potty around where your child can see it and get to know what it’s for. If there are other children around, he or she may see them using it and their example would be a great help. Let your child see you using the toilet and explain what you are doing.

• If your child’s regularly open his or her bowels at the same time each day, take off the nappy/ pants and suggest the he or she tries going into potty. If your child is the slightest bit upset by the idea, put the nappy back on and leave it for a few more weeks before trying again.

• As soon as your child sees that your child knows when he or she is going to pee, try the same thing. It usually takes time for a child to get the hang out of it, so be patient. Do not make your child feel worried about the whole thing.

• Your child will be delighted when he or she succeeds and a little phrase from you would make it better still.

• You can use a reward system to encourage your child, like giving a sticker or a balloon every time he or she uses the toilet. This technique actually works with my little girl and I potty trained her in less than 1 week. Honestly, in 3 days your child will learn how to use the potty but you would still get a few accidents like pee on the floor during the 3 days potty training. It takes time and a lot of patience.

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