Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Recommended toddlers book

My 3 year old Chloe received a Topsy and Tim Collection book from her aunt, and she loved it! The book itself has so many interesting adventures and my daughter can visualize herself as Topsy because most of the story has actually been done and experience by my little one, like Camping, going to the dentist, swimming, at the farm, going in an airplane, birthday party, going to the zoo, on a train, going to the doctor and even going green which has something to do with recycling which is what she often see when I am sorting out cans, papers, old clothes and so on. The book illustrations are good, and the stories are simple yet fun, that even I love reading it to her every night. She does like books and got some other collections like Disney fairytales stories and some animals’ story but these Topsy and Tim books are her favourite. Well what can I say, my daughter and I love these books and would recommend it to other children, I think from age 2 and up.

Startup capital with Angel Investors

If you are a business owner who is looking for ways to fund your business that is moving into high growth or seeking for a start–up capital, then I think you should consider getting help from an angel investor. Now what does these angel investors do? Angel investor provide capital for business, in exchange they get stocks or bonds from the company they helped fund which is fair enough considering that they give a fairly big amount to fund a business!

Now there are a couple of good reasons why I think this is good for your business, aside from providing you the fund, they can also participate in developing it! Based on what I know, angel investors are former business owners themselves so they can give advice and be a mentor, introduce you to a large network of contacts, and even expand your clients by promoting your business using their connections in the business world! I think this is a wiser choice compared to a venture capitalist as these investors take a lot of time in evaluation of funding and is more complex compare to angels. A venture capitalist would also require a company to form a board of directors, this way it could alter or totally change your company’s whole set up! Like I said this is more complex and more selective when it comes to investing towards a company so there is a high risk that your fund request may be turn down by a venture capitalist.

If somehow you decide to get an angel investor to fund your business you can easily hook up with them on websites that matches entrepreneurs and angel investors. Otherwise you can also check more Angel investor information online or ask friends and families with regards to getting business funds from angel investors. Remember, it is your decision and your business future to look up to, so choose wisely!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Google's 2nd Page Rank update June 27, 2011

It is always a surprise when Google update its page rank as nobody really knows when it would happen and 5 months since the last Google toolbar page rank update, yes it has been updated again! Yesterday evening, the 27th of June 2011 around 4:00 pm I received an email from HOBO SEO saying there has been a Google Toolbar Page rank score update, so immediately I check my blogs and sad to say that both my PR3 rank blogs has gone down to PR2 and PR1. This chloesworld blog is now rank as PR1. Well, better luck next time!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wal-Itin Tablets Recommended Hay Fever Treatment

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I started to suffer from hay fever about 4 years ago and it usually gets worst around spring and summertime when the spores and pollen level is high which will then give me a flu-like symptoms cause by allergic reaction. I hate the hay fever, and knowing that it cannot be cured completely; I just make sure that I got the right treatment for the symptoms! Now, over the years I have tried different brands of antihistamine products and I seem to like this Wal-Itin non-drowsy allergy tablet from Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products. Why? Well, it is due to the following reasons:

•           It does not make me drowsy.

•           It is a lot cheaper than the other national brands, yet works just the same.

•           I get 3x more tablets quantity for the same amount paid on other brands.

•           It is made by the trusted Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products.

As far as I know, Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products are a great value, allowing families and individuals to save money without sacrificing quality or trust. With the rising cost of health care, saving money on over-the-counter medications can really benefit a family’s budget. Aside from the fact that Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products are really affordable, their products are also highly recommended by pharmacist. Most have the same ingredients used as the other national brands and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so why pay more? For more information, please visit  Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products website at 

You are also welcome to read about the good deeds that Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Product is doing to help people and its community at  Walgreens Way to Well Fund™.


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Sunday, June 19, 2011

How much food does Toddlers need?

I have learned this based on experience that using common sense is a good guide on how big a potion should be! Children’s appetite varies enormously, so the best thing to do is not to force them to eat when they no longer wish to, but do not refuse to give more if they really are hungry. As long as your child eats a range of foods, just try not to be concerned about the amount your child’s eats.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Children’s safety in the sun

It is almost summertime and hopefully would be getting a lot of sunshine this year, so I am sharing some tips here on keeping children safe in the sun when on a day out, picnic, on the beach, kayaking and some other summer time family fun activities. Here are those tips:

• Keep your child out of the sun between 11 and 3pm when the sun is highest and most dangerous.

• Keep babies under 6 months of age out of the sun altogether.

• Make the most of shades, like picnicking under a tree, on the beach with a little tent or a beach umbrella.

• Don’t let children run around all day in a swimsuit or without any clothes on.

• Cover your child up in a loose baggy cotton clothes such as oversized t-shirts with sleeves.

• In particular, protect your child’s shoulders, neck, and back of the neck when they are playing as these are the most common areas for sunburn.

• Let your child wear a legionnaire’s hat or a floppy hat with a wide brim that shades the face and neck.

• Cover the exposed parts of your child’s skin with sunscreen, even on cloudy or overcast days. Use one with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or above and which is effective against UVA and UVB. Re-apply often.

• Protect your child’s eyes with sunglasses with an ultraviolet filter.

• Use waterproof sun block if your child is swimming.

Attached here is a photo of my little Chloe taken from last years summer kayaking family day out.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Affordable Air Condition Repair, Sales and Services in South Florida

If you need a repair, replacement, or just want to make sure that your AC is working properly, then I would recommend that you check out this boca raton ac sales and services called ASPEN airconditioning Inc. Now why I choose this among the others? Well, aside from the fact that they are affordable; the company has an excellent record when it comes to customer care! In fact, they are one of the largest independent companies that provide heating, ventilation and air-conditioning in South Florida.

The company does provide services for commercial and residential purposes giving the same high standard workmanship and they offer maintenance plan for both for as low as $149 a year per unit. Now this is an excellent deal considering that you get a complete 19 point precision tune up and a professional AC cleaning twice a year from highly experienced and trusted boca raton air conditioner cleaners. If you require more information on their services, you may call their 24 hour toll free number at 800.459.4444 and get a quick response!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Helping your child make friends

Learning how to make friends is one of the most important things your child will do, because if your child’s learns early on how to get on well with others, he or she will get off to a better start school, and a happy child learn better than a child who is anxious and afraid of others. They said it is never too late to start, especially when your child is the only child like mine. So here are some things you can do to help your baby or child socialize and make friends with other babies or children:

• As soon as your baby starts to crawl or walk, you could try a parent and toddler group. These can be great for energetic children from 18 month to 3 years and this would also give you a bit of relaxation and company.

• Try to join your child in some playgroups, nursery school or day nurseries as they all have a lot to offer like more organized playoff different kinds, the chance to be with other children and make friends and probably a space to run around in.

• Go to a family gathering, as she or he can play with cousins and other younger members of the family.

• Parties- such as birthdays would also help your child make friends and play with other little children.

• Take him or her to a playground and let him or her run around with all the other children but never take your eye off your child in a big area such as playgrounds and parks.

Well, these are just something’s I could think of and you might as well have other ideas, so I suggest you do what you think is the best for your child.

Start your retirement investment wisely with ETF

Investing towards retirement is a long term prospect, so the best thing to do is invest by building an Exchange Traded Funds portfolio (ETF) which then allows you to invest in a variety of portfolio such as bonds, commodities, real estate, stocks, markets and many more. With this variety of investments, it will somehow give you an assurance that you will eventually get something in return when you retire. So if one of your investments does not perform well, you still get your other investments to rely on.

Now, how are you going to start your retirement portfolio? I have actually tried this Online Portfolio Manager from and would recommend this to everyone! This is a Do It Yourself portfolio management and is based on what you really need. Well to give you a quick outlook of how it goes, they got 2 options, you can either build it yourself, which is recommended for new users or custom made for more advance users. If like me, you are a new user and do not have much experience in portfolios, choose the build it yourself and answer the interactive questions, then the software would recommend a portfolio and then you can purchase it from your broker, after that all you have to do is rebalance when needed and watch your shares grow. Anyway, you will be amazed on how quick and easy it is to get started!

The good thing about using this Portfolio rebalancing software is that this is will save you a lot of money! You do not need to pay for investment advisers, brokers, or mutual fund managers and since this is built using (ETF) Exchange Traded Funds, it is expected to be low when it comes to tax charges. The only payment you need to pay is the low-cost subscription service which cost $14.95 a month or a discounted rate of $149.95 per year, saving you $29.45 a year. Now that is not a lot considering that you are investing towards your future! For more information on this, please visit the website

Friday, June 3, 2011

What to do with toddler diarrhoea

I used get a little concerned every time my little girl gets diarrhoea, but after a chat with a doctor, I found out that some children between the ages of 1 and 5 pass frequently, smelly, loose stools with mucus or bits of vegetables in them. Usually these children are otherwise perfectly healthy and growing fine and this type of diarrhoea is known as ‘toddler diarrhoea’. Anyway if your toddler diarrhoea for which there is no obvious cause then the following would help.

• Giving less fluid between meals and at meals if your child drinks a lot.

• Try to introduce more foods with fat such as full fat yoghurt, cheese and butter.

• If your child is having foods with a lot of fibre, or wholemeal foods, reduce these. You can give white bread, pasta, and white rice instead of whole meal varieties.

The doctor also added that diarrhoea is not worrying and that toddlers should not be given anti-diarrhoea drugs unless it is prescribe by a doctor.