Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Recommended toddlers book

My 3 year old Chloe received a Topsy and Tim Collection book from her aunt, and she loved it! The book itself has so many interesting adventures and my daughter can visualize herself as Topsy because most of the story has actually been done and experience by my little one, like Camping, going to the dentist, swimming, at the farm, going in an airplane, birthday party, going to the zoo, on a train, going to the doctor and even going green which has something to do with recycling which is what she often see when I am sorting out cans, papers, old clothes and so on. The book illustrations are good, and the stories are simple yet fun, that even I love reading it to her every night. She does like books and got some other collections like Disney fairytales stories and some animals’ story but these Topsy and Tim books are her favourite. Well what can I say, my daughter and I love these books and would recommend it to other children, I think from age 2 and up.

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