Thursday, June 9, 2011

Start your retirement investment wisely with ETF

Investing towards retirement is a long term prospect, so the best thing to do is invest by building an Exchange Traded Funds portfolio (ETF) which then allows you to invest in a variety of portfolio such as bonds, commodities, real estate, stocks, markets and many more. With this variety of investments, it will somehow give you an assurance that you will eventually get something in return when you retire. So if one of your investments does not perform well, you still get your other investments to rely on.

Now, how are you going to start your retirement portfolio? I have actually tried this Online Portfolio Manager from and would recommend this to everyone! This is a Do It Yourself portfolio management and is based on what you really need. Well to give you a quick outlook of how it goes, they got 2 options, you can either build it yourself, which is recommended for new users or custom made for more advance users. If like me, you are a new user and do not have much experience in portfolios, choose the build it yourself and answer the interactive questions, then the software would recommend a portfolio and then you can purchase it from your broker, after that all you have to do is rebalance when needed and watch your shares grow. Anyway, you will be amazed on how quick and easy it is to get started!

The good thing about using this Portfolio rebalancing software is that this is will save you a lot of money! You do not need to pay for investment advisers, brokers, or mutual fund managers and since this is built using (ETF) Exchange Traded Funds, it is expected to be low when it comes to tax charges. The only payment you need to pay is the low-cost subscription service which cost $14.95 a month or a discounted rate of $149.95 per year, saving you $29.45 a year. Now that is not a lot considering that you are investing towards your future! For more information on this, please visit the website

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