Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cup or beaker: Which one is best for toddlers?

Ever wonder which one is best for your child? Is it a cup or a beaker? Well, I did ask the same question to a health visitor, the nurse that was assigned to come and check my baby’s health and development every month and I got this information from her.

A free flow lidded beaker is better than a bottle or beaker with teat, for the reason that drinks flow very slowly through a teat and drinking can take a long time. This means your child spends a lot of time with teat on the mouth which may delay speech development and damage his or her teeth, especially if your child is drinking sweetened milk. It is also advisable to move on from a lidded beaker to drinking from a cup as soon as your child is ready. A non-spill or valve cups are not recommended as they encourage longer drinking times, so use a lidded free flow cups instead, so your toddler will learn to sip.

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