Friday, September 2, 2011

Simple advice on buying shoes and boots for toddlers

These are just some of the things I always do when buying a pair of shoes or boots for my little girl. Now, I am aware that children’s feet grow very fast and it is important that the bones grow straight, so here are some of those things to look out when buying footwear for toddlers.

• Buy footwear that is made of natural materials, example: Leather, cotton, or canvas as these materials breathe. What I understand plastic shoe is that they are not really advisable for toddlers as plastic shoes or boots make feet perspire and can cause fungal infections and abrasions.

• When buying it from a shop, have your child’s feet measured for each new pair of shoes. What I know is that a child under 4 years of age should have their feet measured every 6-8 weeks.

• When buying over the internet, I have here a measurement guide, got this from the online shop where I usually get my little girl’s footwear. I also use a tape measure to measure her feet and look it up on this guide.

• Lastly, it is best not to keep shoes for the best, as your child may outgrow these without proper wear.

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  1. This is very informative Fe, thanks for sharing.