Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Keeping toddlers busy

One good way of keeping toddlers busy is making playtime fun for them; at the same time, make sure they are learning while playing, so here are some of the things you can try to make playtime fun for them while in the house.

• Play dough - My little girl loves playing with this, and it takes her about 30 minutes to 1 hour busy creating different things with the dough.

• Junk modeling- you can collect all sorts of cardboard boxes, cartons, yogurt pots, milk bottle tops, and tissue paper cardboard tubes, and give these to your little one with a sticky tape or glue, so he or she can create something out of that! You can set an example by making a robot out of these boxes, or make binoculars out of the tubes from tissue paper rolls.

• Pretend cooking- Use a bowl and spoons for measuring out and mixing small quantities of real ingredients (flour, rice, sugar, custard powder and put out in egg cups or bowls. Use water to mix.

• Dressing Up- you can collect old bags, gloves, scarves, nighties, length of materials, tea towels, old curtains. Take care that these clothes do not contain loose cords, strings, or ribbons that could wrap around their neck and cause strangulation. Paper plates or a cut up cereal pockets make good mask! All you have to do is cut slits for the eyes and tie on with a rubber string.

• Drawing and painting- Use crayons, felt tips, powder paint. Add washing up liquid and water to powder paint for a thicker paint. You can use old envelopes slit open and the inside the cereal pockets for paper.

These would surely give your child a lot of fun!

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