Monday, November 14, 2011

Blinds or curtains

Blinds and curtains both have the same purpose, and that is to give people inside the house a bit of privacy, although some might want it for security reasons as well. For whatever purpose, did you know that this is probably one common thing a couple would argue when moving into a new home? Like most couples, my husband and I have been to the same situation. The problem is, I like having curtains and my husband prefers blinds, and we both do not like having them both (blinds and curtains together in a window), so we ended-up not having anything covering the window for a week until my husband’s mother came over and handed me a set of curtain to try it on our main living room window. Guess what? It looks great!

She told me, she got it from Brylane home and I cannot believe how affordable it is there! An elegant one rod curtain set which includes 2 panels with a valance attached on it and 2 tie backs for $24.99. Mom has actually convince my husband to get curtains instead of blinds, so my husband and I have decided to keep what is already on one window (the one mom gave) and have ordered more from Brylane Home curtains, we a got a free shipping and discount too, so my husband is happy with that as well!
I have here the picture of the 5 piece curtain set which my husband and I ordered, currently on sale for just $24.99.

FYI: Brylane Home curtains are now on sale and unbelievably you can get one for as low as $5.99.

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