Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Checking out which toy is safe for your child

Starting to shop for Christmas presents? Well, if you plan to give toys for children it is always best to check if the toy is safe for children of such age and check out these guides:

• It is best to buy toys that carry the standards of your country. It usually carries a symbol like, CE, Lion mark or kite mark.

• Take care if you buy toys from car boot sale, market stalls or second hand toys as these may not confirmed to safety standards and could be dangerous.

• Take safety measures such as ‘not suitable for under 36 months’ seriously (0-3 sign). This sign warns that the toy is unsuitable for a child under three because of small parts.

• Check that the toy has no sharp edges that could hurt a child, small parts that a child could put in his or her mouth and choke on.

Hope this helps and have fun shopping!

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