Friday, December 30, 2011

Cleaning a FurReal friend toy

If your child got a toy like this, here is a simple way on cleaning this type of toy. Since these toys are furry, gently brush the fur with a cloth or soft brush to loosen any dirt. Then use a slightly damp cloth to remove stains.

• Do not put it on the washing machine.
• Do not submerge in water.
• Do not use detergent or stain removers on fur.
• Do not get wet, to remove the stains , use only a slightly damp cloth on the fur.
• To prevent staining fur, wipe off the dirt immediately.
• If the toy gets wet, remove the batteries and dry the fur, and once the fur is dry, replace the batteries.
• Tell your child to avoid spilling food or beverage on thee toy.
• Tell your child not to throw the toy or kick and not to push sharp objects through the speaker openings.
• Do not leave the toy on direct sunlight as high temperatures will destroy the mechanism.

Good Luck!

Holiday Travel Checklist

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of My Travel Checklist for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.




Making sure that you do not leave anything behind and have set everything before leaving on a holiday is what a travel checklist is for and with this new technology era, you do not need to write everything on 2 or 3 sheets of paper or surf on the internet looking for tips on what to bring and what to remember before going on a holiday. On these days, you can make use of widgets! Widgets are commonly used now a day as these are very accessible on mobile phones as well as on the computer. Widgets are very easy to use; in fact I have here a Travel Widget from Mondial Assistance which you can try for free, just to see how you get on with it. Tell you, it is easy to use and since I have tried it myself, I can assure you that this widget and website is safe to use!

There are 2 things on how you can try the My Travel Checklist, you can either download the widget or just try it on their website by clicking the box called access my travel checklist, located below the video tutorial.  Then you can start making your very own custom packing list by answering the questions provided and adding up some details or items at the end of each checklist category. You can save it, modify later, send it on an email or print it once you are done and have it on hand ready for checking procedures. Anyway, like I said this widget is safe to use and free of charge, so you might try it as well!

Below is a sample photo of my travel Checklist Widget. I have taken this when I tried the said widget and find it fun and very easy to use.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Presents for a 4 year old girl

These are some of the presents my little Chloe got on her 4th Birthday and I would recommend these to all little girls who are just about her age.

1. Peppa Pig Fun Phonics- My little girl loves Peppa pig and with this, she can play and learn with Peppa, with its Fun Phonics module. There are twenty six light-up keys with letters, pictures and numbers to help your little one get to grips with sounds, phonics, spelling, colours, letters and numbers. Use the pointer at the top to change the activity and let the fun and learning start. For ease of play there is a handy repeat button. One of the cleaver things about this is that this activity is all in one piece so there are no parts to be lost, which would make it suitable for children as young as 3.

2. Piggy bank- This would encourage children to save up, but I would say from 4 years and above. It is a very traditional way of saving money.

3. Bike- Good for keeping kids fit and active.

4. Mini Market till toy- This is an electronic toy till with calculator, would help a child learn as she plays. She can sell stuff and gives change just like a real shopkeeper.

5. Little sing along microphone or a small karaoke machine- For every little girl who loves to sing. From 3 years old and above.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

ING Direct Savings Widget: Find Out The Average Household Savings in UK

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of ING Direct for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am sure that you have heard about ING Direct but have you heard about the good benefits you will enjoy if you join in with ING Direct Savings Account? Well, I am not an expert on this but I joined in recently and found some wonderful benefits on ING Savings Accounts. First, it only takes 10 minutes or so to open an account and unbelievably you can open one for £1. Second, it gives an easy access to your money which includes bonuses, no charges withdrawals, no minimum and maximum monthly deposits and many more. Third, it has an excellent customer service and finally the fourth one is that the website is safe and secure. I would say that this savings account is a big help for people like me who wants to save despite the current economic situation. Now I do not want to discuss further with what is happening  with the current economic state, so here is another interesting thing from ING Direct.  

The ING Direct Widget: 

I have attached with this post a cleaver widget from ING Direct Savings. This will help you find out and compare the average household saving levels for each region/county.  Using this widget is so easy, no need to download, just click on your region/county, this will then show you the average saving total of your region/county. If you want to compare it with other regions, you can do it by clicking the add box to add it on a table on the left corner of the widget and make your very own comparison table. Good Luck!  

Find out more about ING Direct Savings

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Disney Toy Story Talking Slinky Dog

Got this talking slinky dog for my daughters 4th birthday at Disney shop for £20 and she loves it! The toy is made out of though plastic with a spring metal body with wheels under his paws and a sting in between the eyes for pulling along. It came with a battery already installed in and the toy has 10 phases from the film, like the barking sound, “I know you were right all along”, and the phrase “I love being a toy”, so far these is the only phrase I can remember, and there are several more!

The toy looks like the exact size from the film as Andy’s Slinky Dog, the Height is 17cm, length 27cm when un-stretched and the metal spring body got a string inside that would also stretched to a certain length and goes back to the normal size. It does not tangle although the metal spring does show a little sign of being stretched in just a 5 days of being played with, but overall it is a good toy. My little Chloe does plays with it a lot and happy with her springy dog, so I would say this toy is worth the money and would recommend it to any toy story fan out there.