Friday, December 30, 2011

Cleaning a FurReal friend toy

If your child got a toy like this, here is a simple way on cleaning this type of toy. Since these toys are furry, gently brush the fur with a cloth or soft brush to loosen any dirt. Then use a slightly damp cloth to remove stains.

• Do not put it on the washing machine.
• Do not submerge in water.
• Do not use detergent or stain removers on fur.
• Do not get wet, to remove the stains , use only a slightly damp cloth on the fur.
• To prevent staining fur, wipe off the dirt immediately.
• If the toy gets wet, remove the batteries and dry the fur, and once the fur is dry, replace the batteries.
• Tell your child to avoid spilling food or beverage on thee toy.
• Tell your child not to throw the toy or kick and not to push sharp objects through the speaker openings.
• Do not leave the toy on direct sunlight as high temperatures will destroy the mechanism.

Good Luck!

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