Sunday, December 11, 2011

Disney Toy Story Talking Slinky Dog

Got this talking slinky dog for my daughters 4th birthday at Disney shop for £20 and she loves it! The toy is made out of though plastic with a spring metal body with wheels under his paws and a sting in between the eyes for pulling along. It came with a battery already installed in and the toy has 10 phases from the film, like the barking sound, “I know you were right all along”, and the phrase “I love being a toy”, so far these is the only phrase I can remember, and there are several more!

The toy looks like the exact size from the film as Andy’s Slinky Dog, the Height is 17cm, length 27cm when un-stretched and the metal spring body got a string inside that would also stretched to a certain length and goes back to the normal size. It does not tangle although the metal spring does show a little sign of being stretched in just a 5 days of being played with, but overall it is a good toy. My little Chloe does plays with it a lot and happy with her springy dog, so I would say this toy is worth the money and would recommend it to any toy story fan out there.

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