Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Amazing Toddler Spiderman Costume

I really feel that I am obliged to make a review of this costume as so far this is the best designed toddler costume I have seen! For a start this would look cute for either a boy or a girl (planning to get my little Chloe one), but I got this for my little nephew Karl (Chloe’s cousin) as a surprise present when we go for a visit to see him and the whole family this spring.

Anyway here is my review:

The costume is made out of polyester clothing, but do not get me wrong, as it is of quite good quality and it does not look cheap! It's a jumpsuit which features realistic effect padded muscles in the chest and on the arms. The pads on the arms and chest by the way feels soft, light and squashy, and the jumpsuit itself is surprisingly quite strong clothing material! I would say this would definitely keep a toddler snug and warm on a mild or cold weather.

Was actually pleased on how well made the costume is, tell you, this is one of the best Spiderman costumes I have seen online, and what makes it different from the others is that this Spiderman costume has a larger spider print on the chest, the face mask got a larger eye wholes too with an elastic trim around the back of the head which would make it adjustable for any head sizes. Oh, another good thing I notice about this is that the mask does not cover the whole face, which means a toddler can breath in and out properly and avoid the danger of suffocation.

As far as sizing is concern, this is pretty much true to its size, got a T2 size and have asked the exact measurement of my nephew from his mom, and spot on! It is just perfect for an average size 2 years old toddler. I am overall very happy with this; its is not pricey and it looks great too! I think any child wearing this would get tons of compliments especially that The Amazing Spiderman movie is soon to be out on cinema. This is truly an amazing toddler costume and would definitely recommend this to anyone.

I have here a photos of the costume:

My little Chloe trying on the mask:

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