Sunday, February 12, 2012

Making Baked Crumble Nectarines

I got this from the children’s program called I can Cook of Cbeebies, tried it and my little Chloe loves it! I am sharing this to everyone else as well as I think this is a healthy food recipe and surely any children would love.
These Baked Crumble Nectarines make a delicious, fruity pudding. Recipe devised by Kate Morris and Sally Brown.

You will need:
40g/ 2 tbsp plain flour
20g butter
10g/1 dsp demerara sugar
20g/1 heaped tbsp oats
1 fresh, ripe nectarine
2 tbsp orange juice

This should take about
30 minutes

Step 1
Before cooking, wash your hands and put an apron on.
Weigh and measure the ingredients.

Step 2
Put the flour and butter in a bowl and ‘tickle’ the ingredients together by rubbing them between your fingers until crumbly.

Step 3
Stir in the demerara sugar – this will give the topping some crunch. Now add the oats.

Step 4
Split the nectarine into 2 halves by taking a table knife for a walk around the fruit, (make sure you ask a grown up to help you!) Start at the top where the stalk was and cut all the way around down to the bottom and back up, making sure the blade touches the stone inside as you go round.

Step 5
Twist the two halves of the nectarine in opposite directions and they should come apart. Pull the stone out of the centre and lay the halves with flat sides up in an oven proof dish.

Step 6
Put the oven proof dish onto a baking tray and measure the orange juice into the bottom.

Step 7
Sprinkle your crumble topping over the cut surface of the nectarines. You will need to ask a grown up to help with this part. Place in a pre-heated oven at 200°C fan/220ÂșC/Gas 7 for 12-15 minutes until golden on the top.

Step 8
Serve with natural yoghurt.


Children’s Bedtime Routine

Keeping a bedtime routine is important as this was said to avoid future sleep problems in children. I have here an example of a routine I use for my little girl, she had this routine since she was tiny and it does work alright for her, except on some occasions where in she is excited, like when away for a holiday or when there is a celebration. 

An example of a routine could be:

• Bath time and putting in night clothes 

 • A milky drink and supper are also important

 • Brushing teeth • A bedtime story

 • Making sure that my little girl’s cuddly toy is nearby. If your child has a special blanket, make sure that would be besides him/her too.

 • A good night kiss and cuddle 

 • Leaving a dim light on if necessary.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What to do if your child has a cut

If your child has a cut, do not panic! I have here a guide that might help you sort out the bleeding. I got this from an emergency first aid book which I did actually follow once when my little girl had a cut, and eventually sorted out the bleeding. Here is what to do:

• If there is a lot of bleeding, press firmly on the wound, using a pad of clean cloth. If you don’t have a clean cloth, use your fingers and keep pressing until the bleeding stops, this may take 10 minutes or more.

• Do not use a tourniquet or tie anything that it stops the circulation.

• If possible, raise the injured limb. This helps stops the bleeding but do not do this if you think the limb is broken.

• Cover the wound with a clean dressing if you can find one. If the blood soaks through the pad or dressing, do not remove it. Just place another pad or dressing on the top.

• Then call an ambulance or take your child to the hospital.

• Ask your doctor about tetanus injection if your child has not been immunized.