Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What to do if your child has a cut

If your child has a cut, do not panic! I have here a guide that might help you sort out the bleeding. I got this from an emergency first aid book which I did actually follow once when my little girl had a cut, and eventually sorted out the bleeding. Here is what to do:

• If there is a lot of bleeding, press firmly on the wound, using a pad of clean cloth. If you don’t have a clean cloth, use your fingers and keep pressing until the bleeding stops, this may take 10 minutes or more.

• Do not use a tourniquet or tie anything that it stops the circulation.

• If possible, raise the injured limb. This helps stops the bleeding but do not do this if you think the limb is broken.

• Cover the wound with a clean dressing if you can find one. If the blood soaks through the pad or dressing, do not remove it. Just place another pad or dressing on the top.

• Then call an ambulance or take your child to the hospital.

• Ask your doctor about tetanus injection if your child has not been immunized.

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