Monday, March 5, 2012

Want to educate my child at home

My little Chloe will turn 5 by the end of the year, so by England law she is required to attend school by September. Now, my husband and I had been thinking about educating her at home as location wise where we are is not a good area and since we cannot move for now, we think this is the best option.

I have not personally met or talk to parents who are doing the same thing to their child/children, so honestly I hope that this is a good decision. I am not a teacher and have not had any experience in teaching but I read on the government website that you do not need to be a qualified teacher to educate your child at home. I would welcome and appreciate any comments, or experience shared from parents who are doing or have done this home education to their child/children.

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  1. Go for it, did that too with my 2 children and they are both in Uni now.