Saturday, April 28, 2012

Superhero Deluxe Batgirl Costume Review

Dressing up for kids is fun and a part of playtime too, especially during Halloween! In fact I have found out from a mom's group that most children would start to love dressing-up or wearing costumes from an early age of 18 months. Well, my daughter Chloe is not an exception, she loves dressing-up costumes ever-since she was 2 years old and I enjoyed the fun memories of dressing her up ready for Halloween trick-or-treating.

Now I know it is still 6 months to go before Halloween, but I have already got the perfect Halloween costume for my 4 year old and it is the Deluxe Batgirl Costume I got from! To start with the review, I got her a size small Deluxe Batgirl Costume, girls’ size small on this would actually fit a girl from 4 to 6 years of age. The costume cleverly made, it is shiny looking black vinyl dress with a yellow bat symbol on the chest and a belt you can tie around the waist to adjust on a child’s body type. It comes with a long cape that can be attached on a Velcro with the same clothing material as the black dress. It also includes extras like cuff’s, boot covers and a bat mask. The cuff’s and the boot covers are both pull on type, but the boot covers has an extra Velcro strap at the bottom to fasten and hold on under the child’s shoe or boots. Lastly, the mask which is made of plastic polyethylene, a little thin and might need an extra care when wearing it, but overall a fabulous costume!

Tell you, I have seen some other Batgirl costumes from some shops selling girls costumes for every occasion, but so far this Batgirl costume I got is far more authentic looking! I would honestly say that this product is well worth every penny and you will get exactly as it is in the picture.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

What to do in case of difficulties at the beach

Since the weather is getting warmer, most families would tend to go to the beach to have a dip or just relax along the seaside. Relaxing and having fun is important, but as a parent I think we should not forget to think about safety when out and about having fun on the beach or at the seaside, especially if you got children with you. I have recently written a blog post about safety on beach which you can see on my blog archive or if you scroll down prior to this post and I have though I miss the some important things, and that is, what to do in case of difficulties at the beach.

If you get into difficulties:

• Remain calm and do not exhaust yourself
• Float on your back
• Attract attention by waiving one arm and shouting for help
• Swim diagonally across, or float and go with the current

If someone else gets into difficulties:

• Contact a lifeguard (if available)
• Dial the emergency number (911) and ask for a coastguard, then stay by the telephone
• Use rescue equipment, but enter the water only if you are a strong swimmer.

Beware of the unexpected:

• The sea bottom is not flat- the waves may sweep the sand from under your feet.
• You can’t see the currents that carry you away
• The sea is usually cold, even on a warm day so remember the cold can kill
• Do not snorkel in rough seas or if you have breathing problems
• Beware of being trapped by incoming tide

Monday, April 9, 2012

Safety tips while on the beach

Here are some safety advices for you and your family when you are out on the beach.

When on the beach:

• Read and obey the warning notices
• Bathe within any patrolled areas
• Obey the lifeguard advice

When you are in the sea:

• Always swim in the company of others
• Do not swim when you feel unwell
• Do not swim for at least one hour after meals
• Do not swim for at least one hour after consuming alcohol
• Do not swim when you are cold or tired
• When with children- Always keep your eye on them, as they can drown on shallow water.
• Be aware that inflatable’s are dangerous as these can be very quickly swept out to sea.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

French Translation Agency

I wanted to cut straight to the point that Rosetta is my recommended translation agency. This company provides a reasonable price of document translations to costumers all over the world! In fact they got 5 global offices located in London, Shanghai, Paris, New York and Luxembourg. But if you are not in these areas, you can easily reach them through the internet! Rosetta Translation Agency can translate many languages including French Translations and they are renowned for their quick, high quality and reasonable pricing.

To be honest, I have not been a costumer of Rosetta Translation Agency but my husband works from one of UK’s charity organization and they always use Rosetta for document translations whenever they needed one and they have not got any problems with them. He added that based on experience, all instructions where carefully followed and you can have your documents certified, legalized or notarized if required!

Oh, before I forgot, the company specialise in business and commercial document translations, and they do offer very competitive rates compare to other translation services so get in touch with them! Based on what I know, you can reach them through email or by phone if you got any inquiries. You can find their contact information at their website or simple click the link provided above. All the best!