Sunday, April 15, 2012

What to do in case of difficulties at the beach

Since the weather is getting warmer, most families would tend to go to the beach to have a dip or just relax along the seaside. Relaxing and having fun is important, but as a parent I think we should not forget to think about safety when out and about having fun on the beach or at the seaside, especially if you got children with you. I have recently written a blog post about safety on beach which you can see on my blog archive or if you scroll down prior to this post and I have though I miss the some important things, and that is, what to do in case of difficulties at the beach.

If you get into difficulties:

• Remain calm and do not exhaust yourself
• Float on your back
• Attract attention by waiving one arm and shouting for help
• Swim diagonally across, or float and go with the current

If someone else gets into difficulties:

• Contact a lifeguard (if available)
• Dial the emergency number (911) and ask for a coastguard, then stay by the telephone
• Use rescue equipment, but enter the water only if you are a strong swimmer.

Beware of the unexpected:

• The sea bottom is not flat- the waves may sweep the sand from under your feet.
• You can’t see the currents that carry you away
• The sea is usually cold, even on a warm day so remember the cold can kill
• Do not snorkel in rough seas or if you have breathing problems
• Beware of being trapped by incoming tide

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