Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ideas for Mother’s day Gifts

A great mom deserves great gifts and it would not have to be expensive! So if you are looking for something that would bring a smile on your mom’s face on this Mother’s Day, try to have a look at some of my Mother’s day gifts Ideas.

• Flowers
• card
• Happy Mother’s day balloons
• Cake, cupcake, cookies – and you can make it yourself to make it more special!
• Cooking or baking equipment- like new colorful measuring cups, new trays, cake tins, or cookie cutter with various shapes.
• Chocolates
• Coffee cups/mugs
• Gift sets – like perfumes/fragrance set, bath soap set, body jams.
• Cosmetics
• Scented candles
• Gadgets- if you have a bit more budget
• Pajama set
• New Handbag
• New shoes
• Clothing – like blouse, t-shirts
• Or make your mom a special breakfast on Mother’s day!

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